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Our job is to create great content,
Our desire is to tell a story. 

For most, making a video is a new experience, so we have simplified the process to make it efficient and easy to understand.

At Everyday Productions we follow a series of straightforward steps that turn your ideas into professional engaging content.

Video Production Company Washington DC Maryland Virginia Our Approach Strategy


Our first meeting is to get all of the ideas out on the table and to answer the most important questions such as; What do we want to make? Who is our target audience? What should the video feel like? Where will it be used? We also discuss more concrete matters like logistics, guidelines, and schedule.

The Team

Once we understand what you are trying to achieve Everyday Productions then hand picks the people who will tell your story in the most dynamic and engaging manner possible.

Football Player Huddle

Creative Development 

After our initial meeting our specially assembled team will gather and brainstorm ways to tell your story in the most effective manner possible.  We will discuss the concept, the look, the story we want to communicate and once we have landed on an idea or ideas, we will communicate them back to you to get your final approval.


Once we are all on the same page our team gets to work on all the elements needed to successfully meet your goals. From scouting locations to hiring crew, casting actors, or renting equipment, we will take care of all of the prep work so that we are more than prepared when we finally begin shooting.

Video Production Company Washington DC Pre-Production

The Shoot

Once all of our assets are in place our team heads out into the field to capture all of the original content we will need to make our film.  The team could be as small as one man shooting simple B-roll of the Washington DC area, or a crew of twenty, with an equipment truck, and 10K lights if the project so demands.  Whatever the case we will deliver high quality professional video every time.

The Edit

Once we have our footage captured we move onto the edit. The edit is broken into three phases. Each phase allows you the opportunity to collaborate with us, give us feedback, and help refine the video so that we exceed your expectations.


1.Rough Cut

In the rough cut we assemble our media; find music, record scratch VO, break interviews into manageable bites and begin development of motion graphics to create the first pass of the video. We then deliver this first cut to you and ask for your initial feedback.

2.Fine Cut

The fine cut incorporates all of your notes, and refines the elements that we have been working on. We then send this second cut back to you for one final round of notes.

3.Picture Lock

The picture lock addresses all of your final amendments and polishes the video with color correction, sound design and anything else the video may need before its ready for its debut.


With the video now complete it is time to share it with the world! We will provide you with a high quality download in the format of your choice to use wherever it best suits you or your organization.

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